There are some new options in Tricky.link. What are they?

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Geotargeting - how to use it?

You wonder what you can use the option of sending your link traffic from different countries (geotargeting) to different landing pages. Here are some ideas.

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Real-time tracking

Measure campaign effects on a regular basis Regardless of whether organic traffic (e.g. from a fan page), paid campaign (e.g. ads) or acquired media (e.g. a link with an influencer), you can always check the results on a regular basis. The system will allow you to check from which device, from which location and where the link was placed. Of course, you can see in real time how many people clicked on your link, and you can share statistics with anyone you want. Still not enough? Us too! That is why we have added the option of connecting the pixel Facebook, Adwords, LinkedIn, Twitter, Adroll. You can measure your links the way you like;) In addition, you'll learn what people are more likely to click (among your links).   Analyse the campaign in one place Shorten your link in tricky.link and watch the effects of your campaigns. You don't need Excel or any other tool, invite your team to collaborate, and if you want to share effects data somewhere - just do it. You can also make them public if you want. Luckily - we don't have such errors as other known link shorteners, so if you don't want others to see the effects - with us your data is private.   All contact points in one place Email, advertising campaign, Facebook, Twitter - no matter where your traffic comes from, you can monitor clicks from all contact points with your brand. You can easily check which channel brings the best results.   The system analyses the most important data for you Analyse clicks, geographic data and top-performing channels. Instead of guessing what works best - just measure it. Which Facebook group best directs traffic to the site? Which email campaign gives better results? Tricky.link will help you.

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How to use Device Targeting in tricky.link?

If you're wondering how to use the Device Targeting function in tricky.link, I have some ideas for you. An application or game You can send users of different devices to the appropriate subpages, e.g. to the App Store, Google Play, etc. You can do it from the level of posts, newsletter or e.g. advertising. You don't have to make separate sets of ads for different devices. Comfortable, right?   You have a mobile and regular website You can easily send users of mobile devices to a different place than those from computers. No matter if you have an application or a mobile page.   Ads and messages targeted after wealth iPhone's owners are said to have wealthier wallets. So you can refer them to other offers or point to other aspects of your proposal. Check how they react.   A / B tests Want to test a random landing page? If you don't need to equal research groups - send users of one device to one page and another device to another and compare the results.   These are just a few suggestions. And how will you use our Device Targeting function in tricky.link?

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